(1) Team Colors Projects:

- AK Press to Publish the Team Colors Collection Uses of a Whirlwind in June 2010!
Team Colors is pleased to announce that AK Press will be publishing the collectives first book -- Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements, and Contemporary Radical Currents in the United States. The volume will be released June 2010 to coincide with the US Social Forum in Detroit. (Oakland: AK Press, 2010)

(2) About Team Colors:

- About: Team Colors (forthcoming) & A Series of Concepts Informing the Work of the Collective (Team Colors, Fall 2007)
- Statement: Team Colors Welcomes a New Member -- Stevie Peace of the Twin Cities Joins the Collective (Team Colors, August 2008)

(3) Materials by Team Colors | Collective Members:

Team Colors:

- Article: To Show the Fire and the Tenderness: Self-Reproducing Movements and Struggle In, Around, and Against the Current Crisis in the United States (Indypendent Reader, Summer 2009)

- Memorial Zine: Jodi Tilton, One of the Womyn the World Requires: Collected Writings and Memories (DIY Zine, Spring 2009)

- Article: Of Whirlwinds & Wind Chimes (or ways of listening): Movement Building & Militant Research in the United States (Published in English in The Commoner February 2009; Published in German in Arranca! Issue #39, Winter 08/09)

- Workshop: Kevin Van Meter (of Team Colors) & Julie Perini (co-facilitators), Maps, Drifts, Interventions and Inquiries: What (Else) Can Independent Media Do?; Workshop Materials: What (Else) Can Independent Media Do? Power Point Presentation What is Militant Research? A Lecture by Kevin Van Meter, and Informational Packet (13 September 2008 as part of the Portland Grassroots Media Camp; Portland, OR)

- Online Journal: In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements a one-off online journal of theory, art, activist and organizing coordinated and edited by Team Colors Collective and published by The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press. In the Middle of a Whirlwind inquires into current organizing efforts in the United States and through that process the collection aims to provide a strategic analysis of current political composition as a tool for building political power. (Los Angles: The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press, May 2008)
- Introduction: Will you join us in the middle of a whirlwind?: Movement, Movements and Mapping Our Current Cycle of Struggle (Los Angles: The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press, August 2008)
- Acknowledgments: Of Whirlwinds: Metaphor, Purpose, Intersections, Acknowledgments, Background & Dedication (Los Angles: The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press, July 2008)
- Lecture: Of Friends and Whirlwinds: Movement, Movements and Creating Communities of Care and Self-Reprodution A talk given by Kevin Van Meter | Team Colors at the Red & Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon. (Team Colors, August 2008)
- Video: Of Friends and Whirlwinds: Movement, Movements and Creating Communities of Care and Self-Reprodution; A series of presentations by Kevin Van Meter (of Team Colors), Kristi (of Counterbalance Zine), Esteban Lace Kelly (of Philly Stands Up), Stevie Peace (of Team Colors) and Kristyn Leach (of Stonewall Youth) held at the Red & Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon. (Team Colors & Julie Perini, August 2008)

- Statement: Gathering Storms: A Team Colors Statement on the Upcoming 2008 Convention Protests (Team Colors, August 2008)

- Book Chapter: "Do It Yourself and the Movement Beyond Capitalism" in the collection edited by David Graeber, Stevphen Shukaitis with Erika Biddle titled Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations // Collective Theorization. Craig Hughes & Kevin Van Meter appear with their friend and co-author Benjamin Holtzman. Visit the website for the collection. (Oakland: AK Press, Spring 2007)

Conor Cash:

- Article: Decomposition and Suburban Space in "Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture, and Action" (Forthcoming, Winter 2010)
- Article: The Uses of a Hurricane (Team Colors, September 2008)

Craig Hughes:

- Article: "A Discussion of Chronic Pain, Support, Lacking Support, Radical Culture, and Life" which appears in When Language Runs Dry: A Zine for People with Chronic Pain and Their Allies (DIY Zine, Summer 2008)

Stevie Peace:

- Article: The Desire to Heal: Harm Intervention in a Landscape of Restorative Justice and Critical Resistance, "In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement & Movements" (Los Angles: The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press, Summer 2008)
- Article: "What Answers Deceive Us, What Memories Forget, Who Lives Here?", appearing in Borderlands: Tales from Disputed Territories Between Races and Cultures (DIY Zine, Winter 2008)
- Article: "The Browning of America and the Questions We Don't Ask", appearing in Borderlands #2: It's a Family Affair (DIY Zine, Summer 2008)
- Article: "History Will Not Let Go: Letter to My Nieces", appearing in AZine (DIY Zine, Spring 2008)

Kevin Van Meter:

- Sound Intervention & Text: Special Low Frequency Version: A Text to Accompany a Sound Commissioned by Ultra-red for the ďSound of the War on the PoorĒ intervention; this track and others from the collection are available on their website. (Ultra-red, March 2009)
- Event Introduction: Introducing the Work of George Caffentzis & Silvia Federici of the Midnight Notes Collective. (Team Colors, February 2009)
- Article: The Moment I Cannot Escape: Care, Death, Mourning and the Struggle Against It All (an except in "The Worst Compilation Zine" (DIY Zine, Summer 2008)
- Essay: Of Floods and Flows in New Orleans: Self-Activity, Struggle and 'the Commons' After the Storm(Team Colors, Spring 2006 / February 2008)
- Article: Reclaimed Freedom: Activist Community Beats FBI Repression (Earth First! Journal, Lughnasadh 2004).
- Article: Fireflies in the Night (Perspectives, Spring 2002) & Original Version (Team Colors, Spring 2002)
- Memorial: Weapons Against Forgetting: An Open Letter Among Friends on the Year Anniversary of Jodi Tilton's Passing into the Unknown (July 2008), "Cooking With Ole Ma' Tilton" Memorial Vegan Cookbook (DIY Zine, Winter 2008) & Jodi Tilton: A Life (July 2007)